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Spoiled: X-Men: First Class (movie) 
When I saw the first trailer for Thor, I thought it looked like crap. But when my favorite nerdy web sites said it was great, I was all about it. It's probably the best movie of the year so far. The trailer for X-Men: First Class looked stupid too. But then my favorite nerdy web sites said it was great too. It was pretty good. But I wouldn't say great. 
I think the two biggest problems with X-Men: First Class had nothing to do with the movie itself. The first problem is that it is unclear how this movie stands in reference to the other movies. From what I've read, people are trying to make things clear that this is not a reboot of the X-Men franchise. If it were, I think I would have liked it more. But unfortunately X-Men: First Class has to be understood with reference to the other movies. Some have said that X-Men: First Class holds both X-Men and X2: X-Men United as canon, but not X-Men: Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but so far as I know, the studios haven't really said anything about which movies it holds canon. If the third X-Men film and the Wolverine film are no longer canon, the problems with Moira MacTaggert and Emma Frost evaporate, but there remains the fact that the first two movies act as if Mystique and Professor Xavier aren't really all that familiar with one another (let alone former best friends). The second problem is that X-Men: First Class was released after Thor; Thor was a great movie and X-Men: First Class was only pretty good, which means that X-Men: First Class becomes a little bit more forgettable. (And a lot more forgettable if Green Lantern is fantastic.) 
The graphics were hit and miss, as were the actors. I think that they nailed Magneto, Professor Xavier, Mystique and Beast. Of course, those were the only characters they spent any time developing. This kind of hurts, because it suggests that if they spent a little more time at least starting personal story arcs for the other characters it really would have paid off. Unfortunately, we are left with a whole bunch of under-/un-developed characters. 
I was really happy with X-Men: First Class, but in the end it wasn't the kind of movie that I can fall in love with. I personally think that it is the best X-Men film that has been released thus far. I hope that the fact that X-Men: First Class didn't measure up to Thor has no bearing on upcoming films, specifically Green Lantern. I want to have a fantastic Marvel movie AND a fantastic DC movie this year, just like back in 2008 (Iron Man, The Dark Knight).

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