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Best X-Men Movie? 23

As usual, if you're reading one of my reviews you know I don't like to avoid spoilers. I don't review things so you can decide if you want to see it, I review it to share my opinions of it and that will require going into various amounts of detail. I'm not going to lay out the plot, point by point, but I'm not going to dance around things either.Lets get the bad stuff out of the way. Its always good to end on a positive note and this section is going to be short anyway. Ready?Nothing. Yes. I sai...

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Generations 3

14 years ago Brian Singer directed the first X-Men film, kicking off a new age of comic book cinema. Now 7 films later, the franchise about the slightly altered genes that divide humanity has been indelibly linked to how modern comic book franchises function. The first film is a bit of a surprise and proof of concept. Its sequel is a classic and appeared to signal the fact that entry number two would likely be the highpoint for franchises going forward. The third entry utterly crashed and burned...

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Great X-Pectations 0

Based on the legendary ‘Days of Future Past’ saga which is and probably remains one of the most iconic and influential bits of X-Men mythology, I had many expectations of this film. Mainly that it would not be up to par and the movie makers would flub it. It was to my shock and pleasant surprise—that Bryan Singer proved me wrong.Normally, time travel movies are a real mess but Bryan Singer managed to keep the plotline or timeline straight and totally believable. It’s comp...

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X-Men Days of Future Past is Neither the Best, Nor the Worst 'X' Film to Date - It Falls Somewhere in the Middle 3

As always, my reviews are mostly spoiler free, however with X-Men: Days of Future Past, I feel I have to give away some very minor details in order to make my review more coherent.I do not count Days of Future Past to be among the best X-Men movies, nor do I really count it among the worst of the X-Men movies, rather I consider it to be somewhere in the middle of the pack. Better than such films as X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but not as good as others, like X-Men, or X-M...

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review 0

I've never been a big fan of X-Men comics. Sure, I watched a handful of episodes of the cartoon in the 90's, but I liked the Spider-Man and Batman cartoons better. I've read a couple X-Men books, like Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men or Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men but I've never been able to get into the team in general. It's mostly because the continuity of those books, even in superhero comic book terms, is completely and irrevocably screwed to the point that I would be hopeless to...

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The Days of a X-Men Success 0

Finally! The X-Men movie I have only been dreaming about! Days of Future Past has been screening in cinemas for quite a while now, but since I saw it almost a month ago, I have been dwelling on its dark synopsis, variety of characters and selection of cast. I think I shed a tear of joy as I sat on the edge of my seat, adrenaline rushing through my body. The movie had uncovered my hope and trust in Fox making a good X-Men film. Like any film, the plot did have a couple of hiccups, but hey, Apocal...

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