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Members of the X-Men, X-Force, and Generation X are all gathered around playing a game of baseball. The teams are the Stormers and the Wolvsters, led by Storm and Wolverine respectively. Storm is up to bat, and she hits a homerun, running all the way around the bases until, just as she nears the home plate, a Sentinel appears in the air.

The teams jump into action, and Cyclops blasts it so it hits the power lines nearby. The Sentinel tells it's life story, as it is somewhat sentient as it dies, and Jubilee begins to cry. Cable and Wolverine begin to argue over Cable's son's death, but Cyclops, Rogue, Jean, Storm, and Caliban manage to brighten the day and they all go swimming instead.

There, Cannonball is taking a video, but is tricked by Iceman and Jubilee into falling into the pool, amidst a water polo game. After being helped out by Joseph, Gambit expresses his displeasure with Joesph being around. Everyone toasts and then goes to eat the barbecue Emma, Banshee, and Cyclops were making.

While waiting, Domino and Siryn face off against M and Husk in ping-pong, but when their ball falls into the egg salad, Sam gets his revenge for being pushed into the pool and puts the ball in his mouth. Cable and Wolverine make peace and share a beer together, both understanding the other person's situation.

All thirty people then get into costume and participate in a huge group photo, including Gateway, who randomly arrives at the mansion just in time. Afterwards, Sunspot, Jubilee, Cannonball, and Boom Boom perform a fireworks show for the group. The group then participates in a mind-meld, sharing all thoughts and pains in order to help the healing process after Onslaught's attack. The issue ends with them all returning to the mansion.

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