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On New Year's Eve, the X-Men get a break from repairing the mansion when a letter from Professor Xavier arrives in the mail.  However, the letter's contents are innocuous, and Logan contends the Professor is still being held somewhere unpleasant.   
In Salem Center, Detective Graves investigates the latest victim in a murder spree.  At the morgue, the coroner displays the wounds which resemble a crude autopsy.
Joseph insists that he and Maggot have a discussion about their connection, and they exit the mansion for privacy.  At the same time, Marrow steals Dr. Cecilia Reyes' medical bag and slips out of the mansion, to Cecilia's chagrin.  She bumps into Beast who is posting a list of New Year's resolutions he hopes all his teammates will contribute to. 
Joseph tries to get Maggott to explain what their connection is, but the conversation doesn't get far before Sabra attacks, intending to kill Joseph in retaliation for Magneto's crimes.  
In Germany, a package from Africa, addressed to Ororo Monroe, continues its way to the States. 
In Rio de Janeiro, Sebastian Shaw is distracted from his business responsibilities by the message he recently received, and image of a golden idol.  Later, at the Hellfire Club's New Year's gala, he is no more focused than before.  Finally, in a secluded room, he tells a shadowy figure he accepts some unspecified task, and the picture of the idol bursts into flame.  
At the former Zero Tolerance  base in New Mexico, Senator Robert Kelly oversees the release of Professor Xavier, but when his cell is opened, they find it empty.
On the grounds of Xavier's, Sabra is about to deliver a killing blow, but Maggott exclaims that Joseph is not Magneto.  With this revelation, Joseph agrees to leave with Sabra to discover who or what he really is.  
After midnight, a morose Beast shuts off the television, but cheers up when he sees Cecilia, Logan, Ororo and Maggott have posted their own resolutions.

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