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Human Being 1 of 2

The Good:

Well the best part if seeing Storm man a team of mutants, i loved the initial concept of the security team flying around in a ship always on the move, working a bit solo from the rest of Utopia. The team itself is great, and the story keeps you guessing in a sort of detective like manner. The art is pretty good, not great but nothing to complain about. I like how Storm has pretty much went rogue, it fits with alot of what Claremount did with her during the Xtreme x-men series.

The tension between the members of the team is really interesting to read and the writer does a good job at making the team feel like a powder keg waiting to blow any second, that is probably the most interesting aspect of the comic to me.

The Bad:

Eh, well i am just not feeling this story line. I mean the whole proto mutant thing isn't really making me that interested in what's going on in the series. I mean maybe i just don't see how it could change that much about how the world views mutants? I don't see what her motivation is to keep Scott out the loop or why she wouldn't tell the proto guy in the comic the truth.

The Verdict:

Let me start off by saying that i have had this comic on my pull list since it's number 1 back in Mutants vs Vampires, and it has constantly been an up and down for me. Some stuff i have really enjoyed, others were kind of meh. This is a meh issue for me, it also seems to be coming to the end of the proto omega thing and if Storm is going to X force (hopefully) it will result in a roster change for this team. So if your picking it up i would say stick with it, but would not advise a new reader to pick up this issue off the bat. It's a good read but nothing great, the team isn't as diverse as it was when storm first took over (Colossus, Storm & Psylocke can all be found in other titles, wished they would of kept warpath and jubilee) However if your looking for a title to add on your pull list i would encourage anyone to give this one a try, as i said its been up and down on and off so if this is down it will be up again soon enough :D

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