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With this issue ends the seemingly pointless Jubilee arc. I only say seemingly because with comics you never know when something you thought was poinltess turns out to be key to a future storyline; sometimes it's been planned all along and sometimes it's a nifty bit of retcon. Either way, I just didn't really see the point of this arc unless it was to decide the fate of Jubilee so that she wouldn't become another mutant lost in the crowd. It just continues to showcase that X-Men in its current form continues to be the place for self-contained stories that can take place anywhere along the continuity. Perhaps there's a certain crowd for which that's appealing. But that's not the reason I read X-books. I read it for the epic, mutant-based soap opera that Marvel's been running since the 1960s complete with evil twins and characters coming back from the dead. To me the X-Men has always been more about the characters and their interpersonal relationships and living in a world that fears them than it has been about their crazy adventures. I've made this threat before, but now that I have the birth of my first kid siphoning money out of my pocket I'm going to have to make good on it - I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up dropping X-Men. If it starts being relevant again I can see who I have to drop to bring it back, but right now I'm fine just trade-waiting on this series.

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