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How many sentinels dose it take to murder a light bulb

We have our new string of X-Books on the run and picking up steam. Each one of the books has that handful of unique team members staring in it and that is the big keystone to a good series. The story itself has me hooked, this addresses the questions of, "What if a country is more concerned about people than Mutants." The way it's handled shows that Mr.Gischler is the type of writer who will bring new things to the table. Yes we have an old enemy but it's presented in such a new way. I love any book that deals with real world issues, understandably this isn't a real world book but it dose keep itself relevant. Also it's nice to see Jubilee is back to her old quips, Domino is still just as awesome as ever, but warpath is almost non-present.

The Good

It's a fun romp, lots of action and setups for new things. We get to see a Sentinel fight something other than a mutant and we get to see a mutant fight something other than a Sentinel. Great story so far, it's stuff like this that gets books on my pull list.

The Bad

If you know nothing about X-Men then you won't like this book. That can be said about a lot of books, however, I don't feel that this book has done much to try to pull in new readers, isn't that what Re-genesis is suppose to be about.

Buy it?

Hey, if you like the X-Men you will like this book, I just don't recommend it for new readers.

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