djotaku's X-Men #20 review

X-Men has a Purpose Again

Between First to Last and Regenesis, this had become a team-up book. I was ready to drop it from my pull list. Then this issue came out. In Uncanny X-Men Vol 2 #1 (also out this week) Cyclops sets up his "Extinction Team" which is supposed to deal with the Sentinel Menace. It appears that X-Men will tell the story of this team's missions. And if that is true - X-Men is a book to read again. Good story beats and action - Domino is back.

If you like the X-Men (the team), consider picking it up.

Posted by ElCapitan

Does Storm actually fight Iron Man?

Edited by djotaku

@ElCapitan: That's not iron man. That's Warmachine. (fixed thanks to Age of Hurricane) Who reminds you that he in no way infringes on Iron Man's trademarks or image. And yes, they fight.

Posted by AgeofHurricane


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