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Finally, the mystery of what Polaris witnessed in the recesses of space is revealed. The answer is something so twisted, so mind-bending, so outrageous, you’ll be beating yourself with a paddle for missing this issue. Part 2 (of 2)!

While Lorna and Alex quarrel over Daap, the alien whom Lorna saw in space and believes she can get her powers back from, the Leper Queen and a member of the Sapien League make their way through the forest also. The Leper Queen reveals to her associate that her baby was born a mutant with pyrokinetic abilities. The Leper Queen believes her daughter was born a mutant because when she was pregnant with her, a mutant looked at her. As a result of the girl’s powers, it seems that the Leper Queen’s home was burned down, which is how her daughter died, and how her face became so disfigured. After telling her story, she then kills him. Eventually, the Leper Queen attacks the powerless Lorna. Alex comes to her rescue, before using his powers to blow up Daap. Only it results in the discorporate form of Daap taking a hold of both Lorna and the Leper Queen and flying off into the air. At the Xavier Institute, Mystique shows up with her protégé, Augustus, and announces she is joining the X-Men after what happened last time - before making it very clear that she is going to set Augustus up with Rogue. In space, Gazer still has no luck communicating with Phantom Torso, before leaping out of the space station into open space, deciding that if he is going to die, he is going to do it out there. Meanwhile, Apocalypse shows his disgusted at what has happened to the mutant community since he has been gone during the event called M-Day, and teleports his tomb to the same forest where Havok is.

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