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A figure from the X-Men’s past has returned to the mansion seeking sanctuary within the walls of Xavier’s home. The guest, however, isn’t getting the warmest welcome. Could the X-Men really turn away this desperate mutant and will they be able to forgive themselves if they do? Part 4 (of 4)!

Rogue has a heated argument with Mystique, and in an attempt to discover whether her foster mother and Gambit slept together, tries to absorb Mystique’s thoughts, but is unsuccessful. A furious Rogue discovers Gambit tutoring his student Bling, and tells Bling to leave, before she gets into an argument with Gambit, again, demanding to know whether or not he and Mystique slept together, to which Gambit claims that nothing happened. The next day, Bling and her squad mates watch as all the X-Men gather and wonder what is going on. Bling informs the boys that it is because Mystique was pretending to be Foxx and now she wants to join the team. Onyxx had a crush on Foxx and is rather upset. Rogue asks Emma to read Gambit’s mind to discover if he and Mystique slept together, which Emma refuses to do. Mystique gives her reasons for wanting to join the X-Men so they begin to debate whether or not Raven should be allowed on the team, which brings up all sorts of issues. Back in her cell, Mystique is attacked by Onyxx, but he is no match for her, and she soon takes him down. Nightcrawler informs his mother of how he felt when he heard she wanted to join the X-Men and asks her to disappear for a while, after everything she has put him through, he thinks it is the least she can do. Once the X-Men have finished deliberating, it is agreed that Mystique will be given probationary membership, but when Rogue goes to tell her of the verdict, Raven is gone. Later, Mystique has met up with her mysterious friend, Augustus, who asks if Rogue knows about him yet. Mystique replies that she doesn’t, but will soon. Augustus wants to know what happened between Mystique and Gambit, to which Raven tells him that that the details does not matter, as his relationship with Rogue has turned sour . Augustus still wants to know what happened, but Mystique isn’t giving any details out.

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