cervantes's X-Men #16 - Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle, Part 1 review

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Dr. Doom in White = LMAO

The FF -- including Doctor Doom all decked out in white -- show up unannounced on Utopia! The X-Men learn that Scott's ex, Lee Forrester, captain of the Nostromo, is in trouble. 
Unfortunately, I can't recommend this issue or this book. I've had a subscription so I know, this is a book that isn't much of a part of continuity. The art changes frequently, and not for the best. The facial expressions are too extreme, and there isn't enough detail to pull the viewer into the panels. And I know some love the white uniforms, but I can't stomach them - especially on the Thing, but on DOCTOR DOOM white instead of green destroys his visual presence. It should have been a white sheen on his armor but still the green hood, etc. 
One big problem with team-ups is that if the teams are too powerful, the threat had better be extreme. Here we have the X-Men, Spider-Man and the FF, AND Magneto AND Doctor Doom! Versus... a dinosaur and some metal spider vehicles.  
I know this has been hashed out in comments before, but I have to disagree with the visual direction for the FF. If your brother, your brother-in-law, your best friend died and left a hole in your team so that you changed your uniforms -- wouldn't they be BLACK? For mourning? Then having Spider-Man on the team in black might be awkward, but hey it would just be the different logo in the back in black uniform. And Doctor Doom would look awesome in a black hood over his steel mask, instead of like the Doctor Doom's pwecious angel in Heaven -- all he needs is a harp and halo. 
Honestly, this should be skipped. 

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