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Great FF/X-Men Team Up

Spidey and the kids from FF are out on a fishing trip to the Bermuda Triangle.  I'm not 100% sure but I think this is referenced in an earlier Fantastic Four book or Amazing Spider-Man.  I don't remember, but I do remember the visuals.  So maybe that's when this book takes place?  I know my brother berates me for caring about timelines, but I enjoy understanding where the stories fit into each other.  This book is obviously before Schism since Cyclops is leading the usual team and it's before F4 #600 because there's no Johnny Storm.  But it's after FF #2 because Doom is on the team. 

Anyway, that's sort of irrelevant towards the enjoyment of this particular story.  While Spidey and the kids are out there they find a bouy with a "help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" type message on it.  Some character from the old days needs help.  This book has a fun feel to it even if I don't really know who the heck this person is.  As always happens in teamup issues, there are tons of jokes as the characters size each other up, make fun of catchphrases, or catch up on old relationships.  The issue definitely left me curious about what's going to happen in this story arc even though the X-Men book has come to be a book that only barely affects the rest of the Marvel Universe.  (such as the vampire-ification of Jubilee)

And that's really the only criticism I have towards this issue.  You should get it if you enjoy the X-Men, The Future Foundation, and the idea of them working together.  The last story arc was a mini Deadly Genesis-like story.  Then 15.1 was a Ghost Rider teamup.  And since the .1s are supposed to give you a feel for the series, perhaps they didn't know what to do and decided to make X-Men a teamup book.  Or maybe they're trying to just kill time until the end of Schism.  (I know one thing I can't wait for is for Astonishing X-Men to catch back up with the main X-Men storyline) So if you are getting X-books so you know what's going on with all the team members and how they feed into each other - you can probably skip this one.  But if you just like a good story independent of how it affects the canon, I'd definitely recommend it.

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