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Great FF/X-Men Team Up 0

Spidey and the kids from FF are out on a fishing trip to the Bermuda Triangle.  I'm not 100% sure but I think this is referenced in an earlier Fantastic Four book or Amazing Spider-Man.  I don't remember, but I do remember the visuals.  So maybe that's when this book takes place?  I know my brother berates me for caring about timelines, but I enjoy understanding where the stories fit into each other.  This book is obviously before Schism since Cyclops is leading the usual team and it's before F4...

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Lots of Fun, but Technically "Meh" 0

Good team-up books are fun. The whole point is to have your favorite characters from different books interacting in neat/unexpected ways. In that sense, X-Men #16 is a home run. I had a lot of fun reading the way that the FF and X-Men interact. Superheroes are always so snarky to each other. You'd think they'd be nicer to people who have saved their hides a bunch of times, no?Oh, I know it's nitpicky to complain about the way an artist draws a character, but Jorge Molina just doesn't cut it on a...

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A Fun Issue With Real Potential. Not Perfect But Solid... 0

"X-Men #16 is the first part of Victor Gischler "Betrayal in the Bermuda Triangle" story arc. The Future Foundation arrives on Utopia to share with the X-Men a distress message they found in the Bermuda Triangle. The message is from Lee Forrester who is trapped in another dimension. She leaves the dimension's entry point coordinates in a buoy recovered by the FF and with their help the X-Men head out to find Lee. If I had to sum up this issue in one word it would simply be "fun". It's not ...

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Dr. Doom in White = LMAO 0

The FF -- including Doctor Doom all decked out in white -- show up unannounced on Utopia! The X-Men learn that Scott's ex, Lee Forrester, captain of the Nostromo, is in trouble.  Unfortunately, I can't recommend this issue or this book. I've had a subscription so I know, this is a book that isn't much of a part of continuity. The art changes frequently, and not for the best. The facial expressions are too extreme, and there isn't enough detail to pull the viewer into the panels. And I know some ...

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What a stew of teams, characters, and scenes! 0


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