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More of a Ghost Rider Intro than X-Men issue

Unfortunately, this story was tainted by the unshakable feeling that it simply  existed to get people excited about the new female Ghost Rider.  Also, are Marvel standards so rigid that they can't have a standalone issue?  In other words, why waste a .1 issue on this story?  .1 is supposed to be a good intro and this is NOT a good intro into the X-Men.  (Unlike the Magneto one that references Xorn as Magneto) The story wasn't that bad, but it's s bit atypical for the X-Men storylines.   One of the main characters is usually featured in New Mutant (an X-book, but kinda like Jr X-Men, I think)
I don't know....after the previous storyline - it seems that the adjectiveless X-Men is somewhat pointless.  Unlike Uncanny X-Men or X-Men: Legacy, the stories haven't been quite as compelling.  Given Marvel's propensity to have their books be on the more expensive side, this may be a series I end up dropping from my pull list to make room for more compelling books.

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