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Oh. Ha. And Milk.

I have two MAJOR problems with this issue before I even cracked the cover.

#1) This issue, and as I've now learned this whole series, has a distinct lack of  Chris Bachalo. I liked the series well enough before but his brief stint on this series made me love it more. It certainly isn't realistic art but its awesome and injected a little fun into the kind of now bleak X-verse.

#2) Why are we getting another Curse of the Mutants story like 5 months after that arc finished? What the hell? Then again, this could just be carrying on the time honored comic tradition of COMPLETELY LYING TO YOU WITH THE COVER. We'll have to find out I guess.

This issue isn't great. It's not bad either it just feels lackluster and very poorly placed. The gist of the issue is that Jubilee is STILL all angsty and shit about being a vampire now and she gets all mopey after a surprise birthday party fails to cheer her up which is actually to be expected since I'd imagine a reluctant vampire really doesn't want to be reminded that she now has an infinite number of birthdays which makes them kind of meaningless.

After running away from the party Professor X tracks her down and tries to comfort her in a different way that the other X-Men have which is nice. Instead of trying to cheer her up and act like nothing has changed he tries to help her realize what she can become as a vampire. And so, the rest of the issue is Xavier telling her a mostly pointless tale of one of his pre-X-men adventures is Africa. This issue feels like a filler issue yet the content feels important and the filler feeling comes from it's placement in everything. It doesn't feel right for this story to come out so long after Curse of the Mutants has ended. This really should have been put in as a two part backup story in Wolverine and Jubilee or something.

So that is that. Next month we get Chris Yost coming in and hopefully this series turns into something truly great. *fingers crossed*

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