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X-Men #1 Review


A new Beginning for the X-Men. 20 Years after the last X-Men #1 (later to be renamed New X-Men, then back to X-Men, and now X-Men Lgacy) we get the gift of a brand new #1 as a jummping on point for readers old and new alike.With the beginning of a new book comes a new story and here we have "Curse Of The Mutants" when I first read that this was going to be the title of the storyline to kick this off I was pretty skepticle as I believe every other X-fan was because only teenage gilrs and soccer moms like twilight. I think Victor Gischler has a really good idea  as how to write these characters and there personalities. I also enjoy the fact they are bringing Jubille back into the fold, although I would prefer they bring other characters back in first.

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