Nate Grey Power Cosmic?

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Silver Sufer's power comes from the powers cosmics when also comes fromt he astral plane.  From what I understand thats where Nate greys powers are from to.  So does Nate Grey have access to the PC?
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@Edamame said:
"He does not.  The astral plane is broader than the power cosmic. "

Yes but dosent Surfer have the ability to tap into the astral plane?  So whats the diff between the two?
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The astral plane generaly deals with psychic abilities, like telepathy etc. Such is the powers of Nate Grey. Where as the power cosmic deals in more of an energy based manner. 
Though i'm not 100% shore i think it goes something along those lines...
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Nate Does not have access to the Power Cosmic. For the most part the only people who have access to the power cosmic are Galactus and his heralds.

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Power Cosmic users have been Galactus, Thanos, Aegis of All Sorrows, Teneborous, Antiphon the Overseer and subsequently all the Watchers that followed, Silver Surfer, Firelord, Terrax, Nova, and a host list of other Marvel Cosmic characters that make me believe the Power Cosmic is a term used for the sole purpose of the fact it sounds cool. The real badasses who have the Power though are Galactus, Thanos, and Silver Surfer.

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@kimeraevet: Galactus and his heralds have the Power Cosmic. The Watchers, Proemial Gods and Thanos do not. The Watchers are powered by technology, the Proemial Gods are powered by the energies from the Crunch and Thanos is a Titan Eternal.  

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