Does anyone still remember he might have a kid?

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Threnody and Nate had been romanticly invovled before, and right when she became pregnet she disappears. It's thought that the child's father could very well be Nate.

So saying it is Nate's child what kind of powers can we be expecting?

A combination of both Threnoday and Nate? The fact that Nate was geneticlly enhanced as a child could very well factor in whether of not the child could be an omega level mutant or not.

Sorry the pic is kind of blurry, but the last time we ever saw of Threnody and her child was back in 1999

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Yeah, been wondering about that. I really doubt it'll come up any time soon.

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when either apocalypse of sinister fully returns or who knows we have a crossover event coming again so maybe soon

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