uncanny x-force

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should i read rick remenders uncanny x-force before starting the new run of uncanny x-force?

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You should read Rick Remender's UXF on principal alone.

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yea i know its good i was just wondering if i would need to know what went on during remenders run before starting the new run. or is it a totally different story arc?

#4 Posted by RawrImADragon (245 posts) - - Show Bio

Humphries has stated that it does tie some loose ends that Uncanny X-Force left hanging but for the most part it is a new series with a shiny #1 so it shouldn't be too hard to jump in and figure out exactly what's happening. The whole point of Marvel Now is to jump in so just do it! :P

But like the other poster said, whenever you get time, read the first volume.

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Start with  kyle and Yost X-Force,  that was the best. Then read Rick uncanny X-Force.

#6 Posted by KingHellion (55 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree completely. The Kyle and Yost X-force is worth a read. As is the Remender X-force.

#7 Posted by jwkilla13 (4 posts) - - Show Bio

@RawrImADragon: thanks for your input...

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