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Casting is a big thing, one bad voice actor can lower the entire experience of the movie. For example, I liked Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, but Batman's voice actor just didn't fit. Every time Batman talked it took me out of the experience and It just didn't work. I was thinking about how cool it would be if there was a animated Uncanny X-Force movie. Then I started thinking about who should be casted in the roles. Well I decided to make a blog about it showing my decisions.
Here is who I think could do the characters justice in terms of voice actors..... 


Wolverine is a tough as nails dude, and his voice needs to represent that. I do enjoy Steve Blums work as Wolverine, although I think a different voice suits Wolverine a lot more. The voice of Mark Hamill....Yeah you know. Mark Hamill, the guy who voiced The Joker in Batman The Animated Series, and The Spectre in Batman Brave and The Bold. He also had a brief bit where he played Wolverine, in a video game. Here's a brief sample of his work as Wolverine.  Listen to this and tell me he isn't a great fit for Wolverine.


Archangel is a difficult choice, with the exception of the wings he's a normal dude. Although he has a dark side to him. The voice actor needs to be able to handle both sides and make it convincing . Liam O'Brien seems to be the the main voice of Warren now. Since he's voiced him in both Wolverine and The X-Men and The SuperHero Squad Show. Personally he's a good fit. Here's a sample of his work as Archangel. 



Psylocke is a tough one. Part of me wants to say Grey DeLisle, although another part of me thinks Kelly Hu would be fantastic. Hmmm....which one, which one...... I'm going to go out on a limb and go with Kelly Hu, something about her voice sounds deadly. Psylocke is a person nobody would want to mess with. If she doesn't carve you up into bits, she'll turn your mind into goo. I'm going to say Kelly Hu. Something about her voice I just eat up.



 My favorite member of the group, you know a bizarre part of me always thought Daniel Tosh could do a good Deadpool, but then my logical part kicks my bizarre half in the butt for being so bizarre. Anyway I like both voices we have for Deadpool. John Kassir's is memorable and distinct which is great since Deadpool's voice balloons are yellow after all. But Nolan North captures the hyperactiveness of Deadpool. While I usually like Nolan's voice more, I'm going to go with John Kassir's Deadpool voice for this movie. Just because it's unique and fits the tone. 


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Hurm, a cocky fake french man who can make people see hallucinations.....hurm....well hey, since I gave Deadpool to John Kassir, maybe his voice could fit Fantomex. I can see it. Nolan North is quite talented, so I'm sure he could pull it off and do the character justice.  Try to imagine Desmond Miles but with a French Accent. It could work.
That's my casting decisions, who do you think should be casted in these roles if there was an animated movie to come out? Plus let me know what you think of the whole Daniel Tosh thing, cause my Bizarre half and my Logical half are still unsure if it's a good choice or not.
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Good casting choices! Although I'd maybe give Deadpool to Nolan North and Fantomex to someone else since Uncanny X-Force's version of Deadpool is more complex, and I think North could bring that through quite well. Also have to keep in mind that Psylocke's English, and so far her voice actors have just been dopey American attempting English accents. For some weird reason I can really, really see Sienna Guillory  (plays Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil films) as Psylocke. She's posh but not too posh, she's calm and composed but seems very capable of going berserk.

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i want keira knigtly for psylocke

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