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The blood soaked conclusion!! Wolverine is the best he is at what he does. Domino is the luckiest there is at what she does. But this time, it's not going to be enough. The full force of the Assassins Guild is coming down on our heroes, and it's not going to be pretty. Except for the art.    

Trailed by the Hand, Wolverine and Domino arrive at the Assassin’s Guild’s headquarters in New Orleans. The headquarters is full of guild assassins and the special assassins Belladonna called upon in the last issue, and Hand ninjas are also trailing Wolverine and Domino.   Belladonna assumes they are there to turn in the money in return for Domino’s life, but Wolverine informs her the deal is to leave them alone and in turn they will let her live and the money will go to charity.   Belladonna then orders all present to kill Wolverine and Domino. An intense battle ensues during which the Hand enter the fray and capture their two targets and threaten to finish them.   Belladonna says that their truce stands and instructs them to release the mutants or die.   The Hand turn over Wolverine and Domino to Belladonna, and just as she is about to dispose of the two, the rest of X-Force storm the headquarters and engage the assassins and ninjas.   Victorious, the team confronts Belladonna and convinces her to ignore Domino’s betrayal.    She agrees and the team leaves.   Later, back in home quarters, a news channel reports that $200 million was anonymously donated to an orphanage.   Wolverine, incensed that Domino kept the remaining $37 million of the money, finds her outside with a new car as a gift and they take off down a dusty road with Razorfist locked in the trunk.    

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