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Toad's Brotherhood teams up with the Morlocks to take down X-Force. Stryfe continues to plot in the background.


Stryfe ponders where he is in his grand schemes. Past endeavors have failed and the X-Teams have thwarted him, yet Stryfe still holds on to hope that his plans will make everyone think twice about how they originally regarded him. He briefly looks over his foes displayed on his computer terminal before removing his helmet, showing that hauntingly familiar face of his - the one that looks just like Cable's.

Below the streets of Manhattan, an uneasy alliance is formed. The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants approaches Masque's Morlocks about joining up together for the purpose of exacting justice on any who is not a mutant. As an act of sincerity, Toad offers to settle a score with X-Force. Masque hesitates during negotiations, but Thornn steps up to affirm the position that the Morlocks will back up the Brotherhood. She wants revenge on her sister, Feral, who escaped some months prior. Masque ends up agreeing.

In the secret X-Force base, Cable and Domino enjoy a post-workout soak in a large tub. Domino asks when Cable is going to tell the team about his past. She feels they have the right to know. Cable is sure of the fact, but he doesn't think anyone is mature enough to accept the information - even Boom Boom and Cannonball. He assures Domino that he'll tell them when they are ready.

In the kitchen, Cannonball tries to impress Boom Boom with his sandwich making skills. She scoffs at his attempts, then grows uneasy when Feral walks in. Boom Boom immediately becomes antagonistic and yells at Feral about not being able to stand her, especially after Feral tried ripping out Cannonball's guts a few weeks prior. The two leave Feral seething.

Outside, Siryn oversees a sparring match between Warpath and Shatterstar. Shatterstar wants a real fight to keep his competitive edge. As the two tussle, each sees a quality in the other that they aren't sure is all that great. Warpath simply sees a cocky fighter who does so only for the masses while Shatterstar sees someone driven by revenge. Before the two can begin another round, Siryn offers the three of them go out for a drink instead. The men consider it and then agree. They then see that Siryn has been captured by Pyro of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Siryn flips Pyro around while Warpath takes on the rest of the team. Shatterstar, however, gets taken up by the unseen Sauron.

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This is where Liefeld loses me. When he started out in the New Mutants he became a fresh voice/artist for these young mutants wanting to prove themselves. Yet, I find that the earlier issues of X-Force are far more violent than past issues of the New Mutants had been. Don't get me wrong, testosterone pumps as freely through my bones as in any Jason Statham movie, but the story suffers just as much as any Jason Statham movie. I find that issues 6 through 9 are read way too quickly. All they are a...

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