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What I Loved About Liefeld

For starters, this issue, and the Spider-Man issue linked to it, is a weak attempt at trying something new. The sideways approach just makes it seem like there isn't as much to talk about. The pictures are huge and the issue seems like it goes way too fast. Then again, how long do you want to read about a pointless fight with the Juggernaut? This sideways approach was enough to knock off a few half stars.

As for what was delicious: Liefeld helped usher in a brasher, more in-your-face type of hero. Yes, the big guns, pouches, and shoulder pads are staples of the era, but Liefeld also made a character that earned all that armament. Cable took no prisoners (usually). In this issue, Cable shoots Black Tom. Not to wing him. Not to scare him. To effing kill him. And he does. Cable wounds the man, then finishes the job! (Like these jobs are ever permanent.) This sort of thing is what made this book stand out. No holds barred; it was take the bad guys to the cleaners. The dialogue is awful, but the reasoning behind Cable's approach is able to stand above that business. And, while I didn't much care for this arc, Cable's actions were enough to hook me in the 90's, and they are enough to hook me now.

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