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Rictor faces heartbreak over Boomer, while Siryn behaves badly. At Whitman Maximum Security Prison, the new villain Reignfire has escaped…with a plan to kill Henry Gyrich!

Cable is healing from the fight with Magneto. His downtime is spent analyzing the motives of each team member. Reignfire breaks the MLF out of prison and reforms the team with a sinister plot.


For a week now, Cable has been hooked to machines in an attempt to repair his badly disfigured body. X-Force waits to see the outcome. Some are sarcastic and others are contemplative. Feral's jokes soon go over the line when she requests they install a Slurpee dispenser in Cable. The team turns on her but are stopped from any retaliation when Cable wakes up and asks Feral her preferred Slurpee flavor.

Days later, Cable is on his feet. He surveys what has become of his team as they go through a normal day at Camp Verde:

  • Cannonball prepares to fly to Madripoor with Sunspot to tell their old friend Karma about Illyana's passing. Cannonball carries a weight on his shoulders; he knows he'll outlive most of his friends. Seeing Illyana die at such a young age makes Cannonball distant from those he cares about, especially Boomer.
  • Shatterstar reminds Cable of himself. He sees the need to perfect himself. Shatterstar, however, has no real cause to fight for. In the end, Cable is afraid that Shatterstar is giving up too much of his soul. Cable realizes that he can't just train vacant warriors. This team needs to be of people.
  • Siryn approaches Shatterstar and attempts to flirt with him. Cable notes her drunkenness and pities her state. She was ripped apart by the Shadow King. Cable hates that she had to endure seeing herself inside and out in that way.
  • Warpath is scared. He and Siryn are very similar in that both have such tragic histories. It's no wonder Warpath is falling for Siryn. As Warpath carries a passed out Siryn to her bed, Cable sees more failure on his part. He purposefully recruited a bunch of misguided youth. He resolves to change his approach to their training.
  • Rictor gets angry at Shatterstar for being unable to sit and watch one thing at a time on the television. He storms out and yells at Cable. As arrogant as Rictor is, Cable is glad the kid is back with the team.

Cable begins to reach out to his students by first reprogramming the television remote for Shatterstar, randomly changing channels everything three seconds. Shatterstar is mildly taken aback.

Across the country, an odd rain begins to fall at a prison. The guards slowly realize the rain is an attack, as it is charged with some kind of debilitating energy. Prison cells are broken and a man named Reignfire descends to free members of the old Mutant Liberation Front. The old team is wary at first, but Reignfire insists that their involvement will make them rich and rid mutantkind of its enemies. First on the list, killing Henry Peter Gyrich.

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