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Unstopable Giant Goddes

X-Force #25

Selene has ascended.   Achieving godhood and the entire marvel universe can feel it. Dr Doom to Brother Voodoo, all the mages and psychics in the world feel it, and know they are helpless to stop it.   Selene begins to absorb more and more of her recently risen army to feed her hunger.   Some invulnerable Native American mutant with a sacred knife is supposed to take her down?   We have to keep in mind that besides newly born goddess, that Selene is also a supremely powerful sorceress, a mutant, and an eXternal.    I’m going to say right now that she is in no way gone.

A lot of people complain about the darkness of the issues, but I think given the setting and the temperament of the story that Crain does a fine job.   Working out of his studio in , probably helps him a lot with the doom and gloom style.   (We’ve had a couple spots of sunshine up here, but don’t expect much until June, that’s why the Mariners have a retractable dome stadium.)   I especially like the scenes in the issue where Warpath prepares the team for battle and putting them in ‘ghost walk’ mode.   This is a ritual that his tribe performed to fight off evil spirits, guess that is why they made the knife as well.

We see some interesting things happen in this book as well.   Something happens to Elixer when he destroys one of Selene’s cabal members.   There may be story elements for his character develop from this, he has always been a head-scratcher as a member of this team for me.    We also have the question as to what happens to all the risen mutants that didn’t get absorbed.   Most notably, I want to examine her Cabal.

We know that Blink and Lois escaped when Clarice teleported.   We know that Elixer did something to Wither, that he probably wont come back from.   We also know that Kyle and Yost said that there would be more people than just Doug Ramsey back from all of this.   Can we assume that anybody not seen absorbed is fair game?   Can they still be around because the have the techno virus?

These questions open up a whole realm of possibilities.   I want to see what Bastion and his Human Council have to say about this, especially because of the nature of their re-animation.   I’m not satisfied that this wasn’t developed at all.   With the way that Warlock healed Doug, purging the bad code from him, I assume that Warlock could heal any of the reanimated.   This will be an interesting consequence of the story and definitely blow holes in all the 198 garbage.   Even after Necrosha.   Even after all the mutant deaths post M-Day, there are over 200 mutants walking around.   That is another rant all together and you can read my soon to be posted Second Coming review/rant for details and a list about that.


4.5 out of 5 Missing Re-animated Mutants.    

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