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X-Force #22: The proof is in the pudding

  This issue features a bit of false advertising because X-force appears for nothing beyond obligatory fight scenes that don’t amount to anything in the over all plot development. For any one looking for any explanation on X-22 losing her arm and how it was re-attached/re-grown, you can forget it. There was no explanation.

This issue was about the relationship between Selene and her Cabal of creepy Goth mutants. It would appear that every one is on the same page with Selene’s vision and second thoughts are developing. Selene is mixing her mysticism and the techno virus and she has need of a certain sword in the X-men’s position.

Meanwhile, from the pages of Thor Hela made another mutant book appearance. She appeared to do good business because this deal had the life of Rhane in the balance.

This was a transition issue. By the end of the issue, Yost passed the buck to the next chapter that will further the plot. While the visceral art of Yost was always distinctive, the combat didn’t articulate much beyond a pose down of combatants.

I haven’t followed Necrosha very much. Maybe its because Selene hasn’t been relevant in quite a while and Blink has been even less relevant in the 616 universe.

Rating: Borrow it.

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