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Picking up with where the end issue #118 ended. Now The Orphan has to make another choice as leader, in the last issue he had the hard choice to vaporize the body of Bloke because they could not carry a dead man with them. Now the Orphan has to decide whether to leave the boy or try to remove the right plugs in the right order. Saint Anna dies in protecting the boy and becomes ashes in which The Orphan inhales after promising to tell her dad.

X-Force would end up saving the boy in which we find out is now sentenced to die because his blood contains key elements to creating cures in which the medical companies can profit from. The Orphan decides this is wrong. In his visit to Argentina to see Saint Anna's father The Orphan coughs up Saint Anna's ashes which become a vision of Saint Anna's life to her father. In great joy the father asks The Orphan what can he do to say thank you and The Orphan give the father Paco the boy as his new adopted son.

Angry with the lost of money that Poco would of given them The coach and his employers are set to slander The Orphan and now promote U-Go Girl.

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