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At LaGuardia Airport, X-Factor in their mutant alter-egos are fighting Tower, having recently seen him outside the X-Factor complex, though Tower escapes by shrinking himself out of sight.

It's then revealed that Tower was working for someone to kidnap Rusty Collins who had been 'apprehended' by X-Factor. Frenzy is introduced as also working for Towers boss and she chides him for his failure before tossing him into a dumpster and announcing she will capture Rusty.

Back at the X-Factor complex, Beast is still getting used to having a human body and Rusty gets in trouble during a training session in which Iceman hurls spikes of ice at him for him to melt, however when he gets momentarily distracted by the entrance of Cyclops and Artie, who he dislikes for being put into his room without being asked and for his very distinct physical mutation, Rusty impulsively releases large amounts of flame that threaten to engulf the room, though Jean quickly extinguishes it. Jean then proceeds to tell Rusty off, causing Rusty to run out of the room.

Scott hooks Artie up to a machine to test his powers, asking him to reach into his mind and project something upon the wall. Artie projects Professor Xavier and a young Cyclops and Scott then tells Artie about the Professors dream. Artie grows more confident and projects another image, that of Scotts wife, Madelyne, which causes Scott to order Artie to end the projection.

X-Factor is called in to investigate a possible mutant in a boarding school, though upon the teams arrival the boy reveals he was merely using bugs to listen in on everyone and that he's not a mutant. The boy is terrified and Jean comforts him, in the process questioning the teams Mutant Hunter cover.

Rusty is shown to be running away from X-Factor, though Artie briefly confronts him. Merely an hour after leaving the complex, Rusty is lost in the streets of Manhattan, a man attempts to mug him though Rusty causes his hands to burst into flames, an act he's applauded for by Frenzy who introduces herself and asks Rusty to come with her. Rusty refuses and as a result Frenzy grabs him, causing Rusty to burst into flames, though it has no effect upon Frenzy who backhands him.

When X-Factor returns they find Artie hysterical, dressed up in Beasts clothing. Artie projects an image of Frenzy grabbing Rusty and the team moves out in response, thanking and leaving Artie behind.

Back on the streets, Rusty is still fleeing from Frenzy and is cornered when Beast appears and kicks her, only to be punched into the air. Frenzy lifts up a van sized piece of rubble to hurl at the team, though Cyclops blasts it to pieces before blasting her as Angel attacks her too. Iceman then freezes her, giving Rusty time to escape before Frenzy breaks free and runs away, tearing down an entire terrace to hide her escape.

Rusty is bought back to the complex where Jean and Scott apologize for what has happened and explain the reasons behind them pushing him so hard in training sessions. When Rusty goes to thank the team for rescuing him, they reveal Artie was the one that told them he was in danger and Rusty thanks him, realizing that they can be friends.

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