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day 4

Overview: Day 4 of breaking points hits, this one examines Teresa as she makes a decision on her future that directly affects the rest of X - Factor

The Good: I am a big fan of Peter David's writing and i love how he plants little seeds that he allows to grow over time. This entire story is a big example of those seeds growing. The writing is crisp and the story takes a turn that i personally didn't see coming. From front page to last page i enjoyed it and was happy with the ending, it also left me with that what's next feeling. I enjoyed the art and i like the way Layla continues to interfere acting as a bridge for Teresa's big decision.

The Bad: not much action in this issue but if you have X Factor on your pull list that's nothing new. Its an 'investigation' firm after all not a super hero group. I have for a while now had a problem with the size of X Factor's roster, it seems alot of characters get lost in the shuffle. You seen none of Pip, Rictor or Shatterstar in this issue (yes i know Rictor and Shatterstar were involved with Rayne's close up a few issues back) and very little of the others honestly. Now i know this is a close up on Teresa (as all the breaking points seem to focus on one's characters personal 'breaking point') but it's not just this issue who does that, so yea thats a small grip really.

The Verdict: This isn't a super hero bang bang blow up stuff book. With that in mind if your into investigation type books and more thought less action (which i mean in a great way) then this is a must pull week to week, this issue is no exception. This however isn't the best jumping on point ( i missed issue 243 and the first bit was a little confusing)

I am also excited about this story as my biggest grip with the series is the roster is too big. If i'm predicting the outcome of all this right then he is doing some serious thinning (i could be wrong and he could bring them all back with one big event or something but since Havok is off to Avengers i doubt it) so i see that as a great thing, maybe the characters left will get more spot light and the ones that leave can go on elsewhere to get the attention they deserve. So yes a great book and I recommend it to anyone.

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