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I am still questioning how her boobs stay in there like that.

So we have a slight break in the arc in order to catch up the team on Schism but it doesn't take away from Jamie's quest like in X-Factor #227.

Ill start off with Jamie's bit because it's a short one. So in this arc Jamie is going to be Quantum Leaping from dimension to dimension that are progressively worst than the last and in this one the city he's in is destroyed and there are giant Iron Man suits flying around and that leaves a great deal to your imagination. Like did Tony go crazy with his suits, or did something else happening that might of destroyed the world and he's just using them to patrol the world. It's this sense of guessing that I like about the arc.

Back at X-Factor Investigations Logan is visiting the team cause of the whole Schism thing and he's pretty well written. He's well meaning to the team and he knows he should back away from what they are doing because they have been alone for all this time but he does help when he see's that need help.

He has a nice conversation with Layla and we see how these to relate to each other so much and why Layla would open up to him so much more then to the rest of the team. They are both the loners (or were in Wolvie's case). Also about the whole Havok being the team leader again im not against it because this is Jamie's team and not his. Besides the reasoning behind why he was called in makes sense. PAD is using all the squabbling that has been building up the entire series to spill out and because Jamie always acted as a mediatore to them they have no restraints and are going all out. And the irony in all this is that Guido, who has no soul meaning he has no restraints at all is yelling at anybody, is simply talking to LS about the differences about not having a soul. Also there is a great rant from Pip that just M in her place, because it shows that nobody is infallible and they will be brought down at some point.

Also I have noticed that Lupacchino's art is a bit different. The doesn't seem to be as much inking on the characters faces as the last time she drew. And this cover is just perfect because it shows how everybody feels in the issue. Rahne isn't trusting of Wolvie because she was in X-Force, Longshot was apparently sexting with Dazzler, M and Banshee are arguing but still keeping an eye on Logan, Guido and Star are casually talking and Rictor is annoyed by what Star has to say.

Verdict: In my eyes it seems that PAD can do no wrong. I mean he just justified why Logan will need X-Factor since his move here, justifies the new leader using the teams squabbling against them and still manages to put a little Jamie in here. Also the change in Emanuela's art is a good one.

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