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Kill Them With Piousness

I'll start by saying that I overall really enjoyed this issue.  Coming from being the quietest shyest mutant ever, Rahne has really changed over the years and it was awesome to see an issue showcase her after everything she's been through.  With that being said...I don't like how she's been acting lately.  If you read my blogs then you already know how I feel about her lately , but just to reiterate: I just cant get on board with her behavior recently.  Her response to Rictor and Shatterstar's relationship, while completely understandable, has been somewhat appalling.  BUT!  I really appreciated seeing her at least making the effort to understand and make peace with something that she, at her very core, is so vehemently opposed to.  It shows that she knows her behavior is inexcusable and at least wants to try and get back to a happier place.  
On a much happier note, I started the scene with Shatterstar singing showtunes with disgust and horror at the writers stooping so low as to make this newly gay character a walking cliches.  My disgust quickly turned to delight as they turned the scene around and made it a joke ABOUT the gay cliches of showtunes.  A great turn around and, while I hate the use of tired cliches, I LOVE a good satirical joke about those same cliches.  So while I can't wait to see the lately developments with Monet, Guido and Layla, this intimate portrait of one of the X-men's most religious characters was well deserved and amazingly executed.

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