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Double-sized shocker continuing the saga of Onslaught!  The X-Factor team faces double jeopardy as they confront the government's new protocols and battle the evil band of mutants led by the Dark Beast!  Why is X-Factor defending the Sentinels -- and why does Onslaught want them?                           


The Dark Beast offers himself, Random, Havok, and Fatale to Onslaught.

A Sentinel Forge used for training springs to life and attacks X-Factor. Fatale appears and teleports away witht the Sentinel, Mystique, and Sabretooth.

Jean Grey's distress signal regarding Onslaught is intercepted by Fatale before it can get to X-Factor.

Havok and Fatale reappear and Havok attacks Polaris and Random. Fatale orders Random to kill X-Factor but he refuses and Havok attacks him. Random loses control of his powers and reveals himself to be a scrawny teenager.

Forge discovers reprogrammed Sentinels scheduled to attack humans in New York and battles Post.

Fatale brings Forge to the Dark Beast who also has Mystique and Sabretooth. McCoy asks them to join Onslaught and prove their allegiance by killing Forge. Sabretooth and Mystique instead turn on McCoy, Fatale appears and teleports him away to safety.

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