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Fuma is still disoriented about the dream he had. Kotori arrives and is worried about his brother’s health. They are alone now and Kotori wants to be strong from now on to help her brother. Indeed she wasn’t her for him at the death of their parents. Fuma tries to comfort his sister saying she was the source of his courage.

Kamui, Sorata and Arashi are in a restaurant due to the invitation of the Koya’s monk. Kamui, upset to lose time decides to leave them. Sorata succeeds to stop him when he says he knows something about the Magamis, Kamui’s family. Kamui seats again and listens to Sorata. The monk from Koya’s mount explains that each Magami’s member is a kagenie, a substitution doll. A kagenie is a great magician who takes on him the misfortune of another person. Sorata finds logical that Kamui’s mother was a kagenie. Kamui tells them that his mother died in a fire. Arashi explains that the person associated to Toru is on fire. By this information, Sorata guesses that Arashi came from a Shrine. As the Sumeragi chief is a man. He guesses that Arashi came from the Ise Shrine. Then suddenly Sorata looks with attention Arashi’s face and tells her again she is his chosen one. Finally, Sorata becomes serious, pays the addition and asks Arashi to lead them to Diet Building where the yumemi princess lives.

When Kamui sees that the yumemi princess is Hinoto, the one who showed him Kotori’s death, he becomes completely mad and tries to attack her. Sorata stops him whereas Hinoto apologizes herself and begs him to listen to her. She thanks Sorata to have protected Kamui. Moreover she tells that she is happy to meet one of the seven seals. Sorata responds that he is also glad to meet her because the hoshimi really appreciates her. She explains that due to their common destiny: to see the future. Sorata does a joke on Hinoto’s age and then he pushes Kamui to talk to Hinoto.

Hinoto brings him in one of her vision: a ravaged Tokyo full of corpses. She shows him that this future is due to the destruction of the kekkai of Tokyo by the fight between the dragons of Heaven and the dragons of Earth. She explains that the dragons of Earth try to destroy the Earth whereas the dragons of Heaven try to save it. She tells Kamui that it is his duty to save the Earth because he is the one who has the destiny of the Earth in his hands. Hinoto reveals that Kamui means “the one who takes the place of gods’ authority”.

This is at this time that Kanoe enters in their conversation. She explains that Kamui could means also “the one who chase gods’ authority”. She reveals also that Kamui has the choice to become a dragon of Heaven or a dragon of Earth. Kamui has two destinies. Kanoe tries to show him the other future; but Hinoto uses her powers to chase her from her vision.

Kamui wakes up. Hinoto begs him to save the Earth and become one of the seven seals. Kamui asks her to explain why she didn’t tell him that he has two destinies. He moves closer and closer to her. Hien and Sohi intervene to protect their mistress. Kamui drives away them and takes Hinoto by her neck. He asks her who killed his mother. She responds she commited suicide. That is at this moment that a wind attack hurts him. It was launched by Daisuke. He argues he cannot believe that he is the real Kamui. Kamui begins to prepare an attack when an inugami, a wolf spirit, does his entrance. Hien and Sohi are amazed because nobody, even an inugami could enter there without permission. Hinoto explains the inugami is linked to one of the seven seals and she requires Hien and Sohi to bring the dragon of Heaven there.

In another place in Tokyo, Kotori goes to her periodical medical visit whereas Fuma is still wondering about his conversation he had with Kanoe. Kotori goes through the ravaged street where Kamui and Daisuke fought. Suddenly, electrical cables attack Kotori. Just in time, she is saved by a strong man. The electrical attack continues but the man stops it with strong attacks. The man tells Kotori to be careful, especially near Kamui’s house; then he leaves jumping from roof to roof. Underneath the city hall, Yuto looks at Beast when Satsuki is electrocuted. Satsuki reassures Yuto showing him she isn’t injured. Yuto thinks it is a dragon of Heaven who attacked Satsuki. Kanoe arrives at this moment with her clothes completely torn. She explains she was expulsed from her sister’s vision and the Kotori’s savior may be a dragon of Earth. She requires Satsuki to find information about him.

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