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It is the day of Kyogo’s funeral. Fuma remembers the last events before and after the death of his father: the attempt to reveal a secret about the link between Fuma and Kamui, the wish to bring back the sacred sword and the announcement to Kotori of their father’s death.

Hinoto has another vision. She sees a sacred sword in an egg and then she sees a second sacred sword in a mirror. To her great surprise, she sees two Kamui. Each Kamui takes a sword. One takes his sword in his left hand and angel wings grow. The other one takes his sword in his right hand and devil wings grow. They begin a fight and it is at this moment that Hinoto wakes up. Hien and Sohi are worried when they see their mistress’s face. Hinoto reassures them and asks to let Arashi notice of the theft of the sacred sword.

At her turn, Kanoe wakes up. Yuto is here and asks her if there is a problem. Kanoe reveals him that the sacred sword has been stolen. Yuto thinks it was Sorata the responsible. Satsuki arrives and contradict him. Indeed she discovered that Sorata is a monk from Koya mount, so he is one of the seven seals. Kanoe asks Satsuki to find the sacred sword. With the help of Beast and her natural capacity to communicate with computers, she finds that the robber is a young man with a mark composed of petals on his forehead. This last information astonishes greatly Kanoe.

A conversation begins between Sorata and Kamui. Sorata explains that the hoshimi told him that the divine would be stolen by a dragon of Earth and that the sacred sword would be appeared to Kamui with another shape. Kamui reveals he came back to Tokyo to take in his possession the sacred sword. Sorata tells him even if he understands Kamui’s distrusts; he must understand that he has the destiny of the Earth in his hands. A woman enters in their conversation. She is the high school nurse. She introduces herself as Tokiko Magami, the younger sister of Kamui’s mother. Kamui didn’t know he has an aunt. Tokiko responds that her sister left home before Kamui’s birth. She explains she and her sisters are magamis. She reveals also that Toru explained her that Kamui is the son of a special person and he would be born for the Earth.

Arashi learns from a telepathic conversation with Hinoto that the sacred sword was stolen by one of the seven angels and a seals from Koya mount is with Kamui. Hinoto requires her to protect Kamui. Arashi arrives at Togakushi Shrine and she meets a curious man wearing glasses. She feels something but not hostility. At this moment, several men in black who reveal to be shiki make their appearance. For security, Arashi creates a kekkai; but the man wearing glasses is still there. Arashi uses her saber to fight them whereas the man wearing glasses uses wind attacks. After the destruction of shiki, the man introduces himself as one of the dragons of Heaven.

During this time, Kamui and Sorata feel the creation of the kekkai. They decide to go at the Togakushi Shrine and let Tokiko. She tells them to come back if they want to know more about Toru, magamis and Kamui’s destiny. The man wearing glasses must go to his redaction. So he lets his umbrella and a visit card to Arashi. His name is Seiichiro Aoki. Kamui and Sorata arrive and see Arashi. She explains she is here for Kamui, she knows about Sorata and she tells them that another seal was there. A tension is felt between Kamui and Arashi. Sorata tries to calm them down. Also, Sorata that Arashi will be his chosen one. He invites them to go at Tokiko’s house. When they arrive, they found the house in fire. Kamui confused, assimilates this event as his mother death and tries to save her. Sorata stops him whereas Arashi explains there is nobody inside. They decide to leave the place under the sight of a woman lightly dressed.

Fuma dreams and meets Kanoe inside. She requires him to help the Earth. She shows him his happy childhood, the death of his mother with a Kamui leeching Saya’s head, his father’s death and finally Kamui killing Kotori. Kanoe explains that the death of his sister is a possible future if he doesn’t kill Kamui. Fuma wakes up, troubled.

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