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we all know that laura is supposed to be a weapon, so was logan but he escaped and lived a life. Do you think laura should get some down time?

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I think she should leave Xforce and start a normal life

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@LauraX23 said:

" I think she should leave Xforce and start a normal life "

Yeah, she should, but somehow I doubt she will ever do that. She is just not this kind of person.
She certainly deserve some downtime but I dont think she will get it.
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We won't admit it, but we loove to see her suffer. We are happy to see her smile or talk, but you know what? Seeing her in pain is what we expect deep inside. All happy all friendly Laura is so cool for a short while, but not forever. If she becomes happy, we will lose her as a character we know and love. She is in constant pain, this is what makes her so beautiful. She is gorgeous in her suffering. I am her HUGE fan, i LOVE Laura, she is the best character ever, I can't get enough of her... and I think she should hang out with friends, be in love... but her past must come after her, she must kill and she must stay in touch with her tactic knowledge. Because if I wanted to love a happy character, I'd choose anyone else from the x-youth.
Also, it disturbs me when she talks normally (for example in Exodus or in Utopia, patronizing Domino, god I hate Fraction). 
P.S.: If you think I am a sick pervert, maybe I am, but so are Yost and Kyle - they made her that way, they are still planning to make her suffer A LOT (there is an interview), so I guess I want exactly what they are going to give me. I want more X-23-time in the comics though....

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What interview?

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