Should X-23...

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Have her own running series? Other than Target-X, I think she deserves just as much recognition as Wolverine.
This would be a great opportunity for Laura to get acquainted with the Marvel Universe. To meet new Mutants, other Superheroes, and possibly have her engage in some rather brutal battles. Perhaps she could win over a love, have a relationship that doesn't really, or necessarily, tie into her other story arcs.
Besides, she's a wonderful character. Who doesn't love her?

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given they did Target X before the current X-Force, and are using that book to promote her further, i believe once their time is up
on X-Force (which will pretty much be a given eventually) that the creative team will go back to doing an X-23 book, and
i really wouldnt want anyone other than them handling it.

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I'm for Laura staying on a Team book at the moment, I find the dilema of laura not knowing wether she is a weapon or a person a good Character plotline, which could give great issues to deal with and Character development   

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