My thoughts on the issue 19th controversy

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I have been reading about the outrage in concerns of the X23/Hellion relationship ending in the forums section. In my opinion I thought this was the right thing to do for both of these characters. Both are not ready for a relationship yet, Laura must continue her journey to become a more developed individual, to find her soul and strengthen it in order to find some salvation from her dark past. Hellion is going through a tough time as well. Even if these characters got together officially, I do not believe it will work out effectively at first-especially the animosity other characters such as Gambit and Wolverine have against Hellion. When both characters are truly ready later on, then the relationship might and probably will be revisited. Also, I do not believe Laura was out of character at the end of issue 19. In her last moments with Hellion, I saw a girl who was afraid to confront Hellion about the way she feels for it and hoped to just leave it behind. I re-read it over and over again. Im sorry I do not see Laura being out of character or a complete bitch, I just saw a women still trying to find herself unwilling to respond fully at an angry Hellion. Now in regards to the rest of the issue, I thought it was a great conclusion. I loved Laura's concerns for Valeria and Franklin, the art style and the story was just fun. Anyway this is my thoughts on issue 19.

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If their relationship had to end, it should have been done better.

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While parts of your comment are fair enough, I still believe Laura acted very out-of-character. A better reason for their parting should have been given. Liu acted in error by suggesting 5 years worth of comics (2 years in the comic world) of Laura's fairly deep concern and attraction toward Julian counted for nothing. This is the boy that she killed for, that she risked her life for, that made her 'light up' according to Wolverine, that she chose to spend what was possibly her final hours before a suicide mission with (second coming). That is quite a bit of information to ignore just like that...especially since the writer didn't show Laura changing her feelings. The decision seemed to happen off-panel and made no sense. If Liu had shown more development on the topic--or if Laura hadn't been shown to care so deeply about him previously-- it might have made sense. I can understand people changing while apart, or having a crush on someone, and then getting over it. But as I mentioned previously, all signs pointed toward Julian actually meaning more to Laura, and vice versa (he risked his well-being for her on much more than one occasion). This is the part that I don't agree with, and find to be shoddy writing. If it is a relationship that must be severed, then you have to consider all of the facts, and find a better reason for the parting...otherwise it's just lazy or hurried writing.

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@k2: Fair point. I will say that just because the relationship is over, does not mean that X does not care a great deal for Julian, to me at least. In her last panel with Gambit, she states that Julian does mean something to her, its just platonic compared to her feelings for him before. If Julian was to be gravely injured again, Laura would be there for him. So while the love relationship between them has ended for now, she still cares for him. Plus to be honest, another reason why I perhaps was not bothered by the outcome ( besides that I admittedly do not a have a good deal of feelings for Hellion) is because I treat comic book relationships like the deaths in comics- one minute their gone and the next their back.

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There's always that one arc in comic books that will make you ship two characters forever.

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@rokusan23: Just like comic book deaths, comic character relationships do not last or die forever for some.

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@x_29 said:

@rokusan23: Just like comic book deaths, comic character relationships do not last or die forever for some.

I've noticed that homosexual relationships are somewhat more solid... and they last longer. Sexism much? xD

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