Laura in Marvel vs Capcom 3 ?

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Those following videogames should know that one of this year's bigger announcements was that Marvel vs Capcom 3 was in development, and scheduled for release on the Sping of next year. 
For a game that was been demanded for over a decade, Marvel said they took into account characters created after Marvel 2 was released for this new game. And one of the first choices that came into my mind was Laura, as she's both a new and an incredibly popular character who could use the push in the mainstream crowd. 
The nay-sayers claim that she'd be too similar to Wolvie for her own good. But those pals conveniently forget that Capcom delivered with Gouken (Street Fighter IV) and Yatterman-2 (Tatsunoko vs Capcom), despite those two bearing the so-called stigma of being copies of pre-existing characters.
What do you say ? Would you like to see her as a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 3 ?
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Why not?  = D

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@KumoriKunoichi said:
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hell to yes! :)

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That Chuck Norris animation is the best thing ever!!

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@k2 said:
" That Chuck Norris animation is the best thing ever!! "
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Welcome to the Vine.
I personally would hope that X-23 wouldn't be in this game. Nothing against the character, but there are just a lot of characters I would rather see and think deserve to be in it before her. By adding her, you possibly take up their spot.

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I would rather see her then Wolverine any day >.>

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Gouken isn't a copy of anyone. His moveset is wildly different.
Akuma would be a better comparison.
Anyways, if they differentiated her enough from Wolverine, I'd be down with another combo crazy slashy character. They're always fun.

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I think she's very different from Wolverine!

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Nope. There are far better characters more deserving of a spot.

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dodgeball power ^^ !  
A good point of X-23 is: she's popular, ok. But, I think she's popular beacause we don't see her everywhere. If she appears more and more in games, cartoons, even for comics.. I'm afraid she becomes like wolverine or Iron man: a great figure of marvel. (ok she deserves that but it's what I like too in this character: she isn't like the others characters) 
* Play her in a game can be super. But if it's a shoddy piece of work...above all in a fight game like marvel vs capcom..bof bof 
   Why not but I will be worry.
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I think it's very likely that she's in.

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@brc2000: You said that there are characters who are more deserving. Don't forget that Capcom also said that this time they'll use characters created after Marvel 2 was created.  Of course we're going to see the classic ones, but  please don't be so quick to disregard what they said.
Now, out of all the new characters, Laura is the only one who got  2 minis, 1 one-shot and  1 ongoing (in 3 months). Out of all that group Laura's the most deserving. She will be a fine rep for the new faces of Marvel, and her presence would help in the man:woman ratio of the Marvel roster (Who so far are only men. Capcom already has 4 women confirmed, and it won't stop there I assure you. There should be as much Marvel women as Capcom women)
Cheers. :)

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She'd be more diverse than wolverine which is good seeing as they had 2 of them in the game   
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hope so.
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DLC maybe? 

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She better be, because playing as X-23 would be awesome!

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i would definitely play

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It turns out Laura made it to the game roster, but what I don't like about it is she seems to show attitude (basically like a Wolverine with female parts) despite how she was portrayed under Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. I don't think Marvel vs Capcom 3 had nailed her character.

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I cant wait to play that game. 
im totally going to put her in my team with Dante and Wesker ! n_n

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I've seen her in the game. She's a beast and plays way better than Logan. Admittedly, I'd prefer to see the Sentry or maybe even Mar-Vell in this.

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She's cool. Can hardly wait for more Marvel females to show up. I wanna see Iron Fist, Elektra, Samanosuke and Juri.

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I think adding X-23 and keeping Wolverine is a mistake.  It's a waste of a character slot to include both characters with very similar attributes.  Yes I know they play differently but the hardware is too similar.  I thought it was that logic that prevented better characters like Blade (too similar to Deadpool) and The Punisher (too similar to Chris Redfield) from appearing.  It should have been one or the other.  Now the only female character currently in the Marvel roster is freakin' X-23.   
However, with that said, I hope the makers add more slightly less known characters like MODOK.  I'd like to see a couple of these folks make it: Luke Cage, Medusa (from the Inhumans), Impossible Man, Elsa Bloodstone, Machine Man, and/or even a better known Spider-Man villain like Hobgoblin or Doc Ock.  Just quit with the repeats, Capcom.  

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@robokungfu: On that aspect, I can understand where you're coming from and I agree completely. From a hardware aspect, yes. Gameplay no. I would like to see The Sentry, Green Goblin (Venom still because I'm a fan), Gambit, Blackbolt, Silver Surfer, or even Nova in the game.
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I could possibly see them putting her as some kind of easter egg alternative skin for wolverine, but I doubt she'd get her own slot.

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actually turns out I was wrong apparently:

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