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A Sinister Killing Dream

The Story: 

X-23 is still reeling from recent events her and the X-Men have gone through. She decides to leave Utopia and find out who she really is.  

My Thoughts:

X-23 stars in her own on-going series that takes place shortly after the Second Coming. Writer Majorie Liu begins by focusing on X-23 and the way she is perceived by her fellow X-Men teammates, and how she perceives herself. While the first two issues weren't action oriented, they were more powerful than any fight scene you've ever seen her in. X-23 endures a lot of criticism and antagonizing from her friends for her role in the X-Force. Majorie Liu was at his strongest here in my opinion. Emotions were running high and the dialogue was adamantium sharp.

After X-23 departs from Utpoia, things start to really heat up as she sets out to discover who she really is. Gambit follows along and the two eventually run into Miss Sinister who is slowly dying as Mr. Sinister is taking over her body. While all this was a lot of fun, the most significant thing to come out of this is X-23's growth as an individual. Everything she encountered and endured throughout this part was well written. She had been talking about souls and whether or not she has one. She definitely matured in this short span and I can't wait to see how she progresses more in the future. She's such great character with a wealth of potential waiting to be untapped. 

There was a total of five different artists who contributed to this book. While I enjoyed all the different artists work, I think it would have been better to have one artist draw out the entire story. The change of art style served no purpose. It's not like it's real distracting. Like I said, all the art was outstanding. A few variant covers were included at the end which looked stunning. 

This first story arc was an exciting read that took X-23's character on a journey of self-discovery. The series shows a lot of promise and potential in all aspects. If you like X-23 you'll love this series. 

Rating: 4/5

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