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X-23 Goes to Hell

Once again I could not give this a 5 out of 5 because of the art.  It is a personal thing but I do not think the style fits that well.  During dream/hell sequences the art style fits great but in reality it is too awkward for my liking. Other than the art I believe the writing and the story were great.  This was a continuance of the first X-23 solo issue.  The source of her dreams and apparent fear of Wolverine is revealed to be a demon.  The issue begins with a touching scene between Laura and Logan but after turning a page reality strikes.  The transitions in this issue were quick and effective; you never knew what you were going to find around the corner.  I was ecstatic at the appearance of Gambit (not just because I'm slightly obsessed) because of his understanding of Laura's character and the possible future role he might play.  The ending was very satisfying to me, the "to be continued..." did seem necessary because isn't every issue a to be continued moment?  I was pleased to see that Laura won't give up her fighting spirit so easily.  All in all it was an exciting story, particularly due to the inclusion of multiple characters, without drawn out transitions that made it a good read.

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