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Wy'east was a Native American Fable, a spirit of the mountains. According to his legend, he and his brother Klickitat were either offered or became the lovers of Loowit. But she couldn't chose between the two and the brothers fought intensely; spewing fire over forests and villiages. Their father angrily, turned all three into mountains, or spirits as it would appear with this version.The three Native American Fables were at some point caught and imprisoned by Mr. Revise and the Page Sisters, chained due to their immense power. During the Big Book of War arc, Mr. Revise was loosing his battle to his brother the Bookburner. Jack offered a suggestion of a "surrender" to distract him. Mr. Revise, reluctantly released them. After the Bookburner's strike on the Golden Boughs, Jack Horner, his fellow Fables, the Literals and the librarians were forced to release the spirits, who unleashed a roaring volcano upon escape, marking the end of the Golden Boughs Retirement Village.

Releasing them may have put an end to the Bookburner. What became of the three Fables afterwards, isn't really known.

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