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Wundagore II is the planet where The High Evolutionary and his New Men are sent to live in peace away from Earth by Thor (Thor #135, December 1966). Wundagore II appears in Tales To Astonish (#94-#96, August-October 1967) when The Hulk finds himself captured by The High Evolutionary, who plans to use him to destroy the rebel uprising of The Knights of Wundagore.


Wundagore II was created by Stan Lee.


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The High Evolutionary had created a new race by speeding up the evolutionary process of animals by thousands of years. These creatures were called The New Men. Both creator and creations were sent to live in Wundagore II by Thor in the story "The Maddening Menace of the Super-Beast". In Wundagore II peace reigned and The High Evolutionary was the supreme overlord until his experimental creations turned against him and decided to take over the planet themselves. This story arc from Tales To Astonish concludes by all The New Men reverting back to their original animal forms and The High Evolutionary evolving into man's ultimate evolution. The new being returns The Hulk to Earth before ceasing to exist himself, thus leaving Wundagore II inhabited only by feral animals,

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