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Ebenezer Jones was a supporting character to Flash/Jay Garrick, introduced in 1944. Throughout his life, Ebenezer was worried about the possible consequences of his every action and inaction. During his childhood, Professor Haman discovered his constant worry was less a psychological situation and more of a biological factor. The Professor experimented on this unique physiology. The result was the creation of a contagious case of worry. Ebenezer unwittingly spread the infection to everyone who came in near proximity to him.

By the time Ebenezer became an adult, the people infected by him would be incapacitated with anxiety. Harman had developed an inoculation process which allowed agents of his to follow Ebenezer without being affected. They contacted thefts while the incapacitated people were unable to react. Harman and his gang were defeated when Garrick discovered his own immunization virus. The innocent Ebenezer was left free while the serum temporarily helped contain his worry.

In "Flash Comics" #46 (1946), the Worry Wart returned to seek help from the Flash. The effects of the serum had wore out and his worries had returned stronger than ever. The Flash provided him with some "happiness pills" which left Ebenezer feeling elated. Left with a bottle full of pills, Ebenezer decided to consume them all at once. Not only did this result in an overdose of happiness, his infection factor started spreading delirium around Keystone city. Flash had to find a way to end the effect.

Worry Wart later turned up again, trying to find a way to use his talent in business. After some failed attempts, success came. The parents of various reckless youths hired him to remind their kids that their actions had consequences.

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