Who should take over Worlds Finest

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The New 52 has many issues that people harass it on. Wally West, Static, retcons and ect.

The series Worlds Finest.....is one of the issues.

Its not gelling like the others. Call me extreme if I liked the Slate Gang arc of Static more than its 4 part arc. I think its a good idea, its just not being done right.

They need a good writer to turn it around, and I have some thoughts.

Gail Simone

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The writer of Batgirl and co writing Firestorm right now, and known for Birds of Prey and Secret Six, Gail is a writer who has a track record with female characters. She has also done a Huntress before. While the Huntresses are different, she can compensate. Earth 2 had a Batman who seemed quite willing to kill, so I assume that his daughter would have picked up on that.

I am personally quite impressed Firestorm is still around, considering Captain Atom was better known as a hero.

The biggest possible problem here is the fact that Gail might just write Huntress and PowerGirl subtext and encourage slash.....erm is that a bad thing? It might even be a way to introduce Atlee back......

Ron Marz

Ron Marz
Ron Marz

The original New 52 Voodoo writer wrote well received issues. However, that is not why I seleced him. Ron I selected due to how, of the three characters who had complaints about their sexualization (Catwoman and Starfire as well as Voodoo), she was depicted with reason. She was made to be a seductress, at least in his run.

With Powergirl's clothing damage probelm, might as well add a writer who might make that more than just a running gag. Perhaps interrogation? Anyway he could be a possibility

James Robinson

The writer of Earth 2, the book that spun off World's finest, he is the guy who knows the plan for Earth 2. With Earth 2 mostly focusing on the current actions of Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, among others, he could use this title to show off the past.

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He could flesh out the war and the pasts of characters like Fury, Alan Scott, Terry Sloane and others connected to the past of the second earth via their memories.

After all, why deal with the problem Earth prime has in his own world?

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

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The writers of the well recieved pre New 52 Power Girl series, they are the guys they want back. So why not bring them back. They can work with the current Power Girl's play girl attitude and Helena's comparative seriousness and with their friendship. The stories done currently's concepts aren't bad in themselves, but the stories are.

If we get writers loved by the fans, perhaps they can better them.

Of course, with Amanda Conners's art. You can't loose


There are many writers in DC, and probably a lot of untested newbies. Perhaps they should try one of them out, after all wasn't Alan Morre and Grant Morrison like that when they got Swamp Thing and Animal Man, and look what happened.

a Rookie can't do much worse?


. So what do you guys think?

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Uh... isnt dwayne mcduffie... you know... dead?

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Palmiotti/Gray would be my top choice, they're already writing a much better PG in Ame Comi. Seeing them tackle the n52 PG and help give her some of her previous, interesting characterization, rather than this cheap rip off we have now, would be awesome.

Can't go wrong with Simone, either. She's a master at writing friendship stories, particularly with females characters.

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@Stormbox said:

Uh... isnt dwayne mcduffie... you know... dead?

Yes and R.I.P

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@Blood1991 said:

@Stormbox said:

Uh... isnt dwayne mcduffie... you know... dead?

Yes and R.I.P


And to the op, if that was a joke not cool dude, you dont joke with dead people

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@Stormbox: @Blood1991: I apologize, I changed it

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The writer for Ame-Comi would be a good choice too.

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Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.

Other than co-creating Huntress, I never saw any reason for Levitz to be in this book, really.

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I'd really prefer that Worlds Finest be cancelled, Power Girl get her own solo book, and Huntress join Birds of Prey, but if Worlds Finest sticks around, I think Gail Simone/Amanda Conner would be a sick dream team.

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