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Worlds’ Finest #3 Review 0

Worlds’ Finest #3 ReviewOverview:Huntress and Power Girl continue to battle Hakkou in TokyoThe Good:This was a solid issue with good art and good writing. The art, drawn by George Perez, fits the series really well. Sometimes his art misses the mark but it really fits the series, particularly the humorous aspects of the flashbacks.The writing is good, not great but good. The writing really shines in the flashbacks when Karen and Helena are just talking and trying to be normal people, it is prett...

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Still Not Really a Fan 0

DEAR GOD THE LOGO LOOKS EVEN WORSE IN RED. Plus it's a HORRIBLY awkward bright red that looks like neon with a stomach virus, AND it clashes INSANELY with the much more realistic and gentle color palate on the rest of the cover. Holy BALLS. And then it's all tied up neatly in crap with that damn Dark Knight Rises banner. DC. GUYS. SERIOUSLY. STOP WITH THE F***ING BANNERS. They SERIOUSLY f*** up your covers. And ones like this aren't necessary in the least. 90% at the least of the people buying y...

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Worlds' Finest #3 0

THE GOOD: The art in this issue is amazing. Kevin Maguire and George Perez both draw this issue with George in the present and Kevin in the past. Perez adds a lot of details in the backgrounds and the characters look really nice. Kevin takes a much lighter tone and adds a lot of quirky facial expressions that make it really good. The story is good in some parts. My favorite thing about this series so far, is the friendship that these two characters have. It makes them more then just a team, like...

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A Monster from the Earth 2 universe 0

Here is my video review for Worlds' Finest issue 3. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Rebirth III 0

Helena and Kara's early days in the main Earth are further explored while tidbits of information are dropped here and there. The flashback sequence in this issue was better than the present day one. Two things are currently disconcerting me though: Huntress' glowing arrows and the whole thing about being immune to poisons... where is that coming from?Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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World's Finest #3 Review 0

When DC announced a second wave to their new 52 initiative- a wave which would include a title starring two of my all time favourite characters- I was ecstatic.Needless to say, I want to love this run, but I'm struggling to find a genuine reason to. Yes, it is good (ish) overall, but it could have been really great. I've (albeit unwillingly) accepted that Helena Bertinelli was merely an alias of this Huntress and I've accepted Power girl's costume change (the boob-window had been around for a lo...

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