Your preference for Wonder Woman's father? (spoilers)

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#51 Posted by PowerHerc (86164 posts) - - Show Bio

Hercules being Wonder Woman's father would have made more sense and been much cooler.

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#52 Posted by bloggerboy (868 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't want Wonder Woman to be relatable. I want her to be amazing. The made out of clay is such a original & interesting origin for her than just being (another) bastard offspring of Zeus.

That said, I love Azzarello's Wonder Woman and the way it's going with Zeus as Diana's father. We haven't even seen any interaction between the two so it doesn't feel like an issue. Not yet anyways. And I think you could even retcon the origin if you really wanted to. The book even mentions the made from clay origin. Sure in the context it's just used to fool Diana but still.

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#53 Posted by waezi2 (17079 posts) - - Show Bio

No father

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#54 Posted by jerrycan (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Hercules would have made much more sense, or at least Ares (in mythology Hippolytas father, well that would be icky .... )

Maybe Hippolyta could be the father...?

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