Why the new colors are better than the classic

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@hastalavista said:

Both colors are fine to me. The golden one feels warmer yet the silver one seems to reflect a younger personality. She still left me the impression as a comforting and reliable rescuer when she tried to protect her sister(sand? Sorry, my memory escapes me). Silver fits into the whole new52 tune, heroes being young and more badass and impulsive. Maybe she can change back to golden costume after a big incident and when she's more mature.

It's not that one is older or younger, it's that one is warm and the other is cold. That's the same as with the DCU before and after Flashpoint. It's the eclipse that hid the sun.

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@scorpio_cassadine: well, that's what dc thinks what it's readers like: darkness, coldness, badass. Can I blame Nolan and his Batman? (<-- just kidding) However I don't think WW in her current title is too cold. She protects her family and friends and she's not afraid of showing her affections to them. She doesn't smile or laugh often because the situation is harsh. She lost her mother, her home, and she's struggling to defend what's left for her. WW in JL on the other hand, is not Wonder Woman.

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Smiling is overrated. Get the hell off of the Silver Age's dick

And lol 52 comments, go figure

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@jointron33: You keep going on about the Silver Age, fugg the Silver Age! If we could go back 5 years everything would be good.

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