Why does she have no male sidekicks?

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Superman has Superboy and Supergirl
Batman has Robin and Batgirl
Aquaman has Aqualad and Aquagirl
Flash has Kid Flash and Impulse
Wonder Woman has Wondergirl and...

Doesn't seem like she's being fair to me. You may say that she only trains Amazons, but Cassie Sandsmark is no an Amazon. She's a demigod. I'm sure Wonder Woman could find a good male apprentice if she wanted to.

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It's because she is an amazon and on Themiscira there are only females. Her orgin makes it really hard for her to have a male sidekick.


I like Wonder Woman solo better anyways.

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Its because robin took "The boy wonder"
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Because a teenage boy wouldn't last 10 seconds on Themiscira without making everyone there want to kill him.

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I do not think she needs one =)

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Well, others have been talking about the idea of Wonder Boy on this forum, but I don't see the problem of not having one. And as Aztec brought up, even if he was just joking, J'onn doesn't have a male sidekick either.

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She should

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@Primmaster64 said:
" She should "
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Why would someone as powerful as Wonder Woman need a sidekick to begin with?

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It would be interesting to see.

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Maybe nobody thinks a male sidekick of a female character would appeal to the readers. 

Or maybe a male sidekick for WW has been deemed (in an act of reverse-sexism) unnecessary due to male heroes being quite plentiful in comparison to female heroes.

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I volunteered. I volunteer.... Pick me! 

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#14 Posted by ArachKnight (183 posts) - - Show Bio


I think the Themescara Post is most accurate but it does not go into further detail - Wonder Woman has 2 sidekicks - just since her origin and her storyline is from an all female island it makes sense to have her sidekicks be female. Wonder Woman has Wonder Girl and..... Donna Troy!

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And the holiday girls previously, in V3 we've got Etta Candy still here , and her amazons sisters in case things just become way too heavy to handle. She doesn't have a male sidekick cause she doesn't need it, wonder girl became wonder girl of her own will (  Cassandra Sandsmark from the V2 ), and Donna Troy have 3 differents origin, as a sister, as an orphan rescued and as a duplicate of WW. In any case exept less with the orphan one, it was not WW willpower to make her a sidekick. And maybe he doesn't count as a sidekick but (post crisis) her invisible plane/ aka Wonderdome now, is an alien morphing crystal with though, even if WW treats him as lifeless. And he's pretty usefull as a sidekick ~ ~ in this dome we also found some males (ok mi male-mi animals from mythology but there's some male in them ^^ who gives her advice and rescue her when she's hurt). She's got a V3 Tom who covers for her too, he reminds me of Steve sometimes but that's just too bad...-_-

I can't speak about Steve Trevor, that's a fact he's more of a drag (don't know if it's the way to say a pain is the *ss) than a sidekick...
Plus the fact that WW is WW, so all the male heroes helping her are kinda sidekicks (yeah i know that's too much...^^) 
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#16 Posted by SC (17155 posts) - - Show Bio
@Evpraksiya:  I view Steve Trevor as more of a Leech. 

I think the last line is the most accurate reason ^_^
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I think one could argue that Steve Trevor was a sidekick, though that might be a bit of a stretch.  Besides, what boy wouldn't get in trouble staring at various areas and end up on her bad side really quickly?  I am a grown man and would fall into that trap almost instantly.

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#18 Posted by Evpraksiya (268 posts) - - Show Bio
@SC: yeah a leech is exactly what he is...here we say '' c'est un boulet''...

@stuamerica: the one who argue that he could been tagged as her sidekick has got nerves...and if he is...my broken ankle deserves to be tagged as my sidekick...^^ for reading WW v1 so much in my childhood and nowadays too (yeah we can't really count on the new fantasy stuff..) i assure you, no one can match ST he's epic stuff...like he know what to do and what's not to and he pick ''almost instantly'' the wrong path...but he's proud -_-'
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#19 Posted by stuamerica (335 posts) - - Show Bio
@Evpraksiya: Point taken.  I tend to come from the Stan Lee school of sidekicks, so the jump to call ST one isn't all that big of one for me.  Except for a couple, they are useless and pointless.  IMHO, it would be difficult for a writer to have a guy be a WW's trainee without him being pure comic relief or another Steve.  Not saying it's impossible, just improbable.
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#20 Posted by Evpraksiya (268 posts) - - Show Bio
@stuamerica said:
" @Evpraksiya:  Not saying it's impossible, just improbable. "
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for someone like WW, every man shes had a romantic relationship with is her sidekick. Just because she never put "wonder" in front of their names...

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I guess the Crimson Centipede doesnt count as a sidekick? 


Seriously though in tersm of the golden age, Steve Trevor was a male sidekick as he performed the same function that Robin did for Batman. 

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ITs because Amazons are sexest.


Fuck you amazon.com! (lol jk)

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I think it's like asking 'Why doesn't Batman have a sidekick with super powers?'. Because the thing about Batman is that he's a well trained athlete, so his sidekicks will be the same. Wonder Woman is an amazon (who are exclusively female) so her sidekicks are the same. Superman's sidekicks are Kryptonian or part Kryptonian. J'onn's a martian so his sidekick (though I'd call her more of a protege since they don't really hang out) is also martian, and since they're the only two surviving non-villainous martians out there there probably never will be a Martian Boy-hunter.

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she needs a little boy in her life!........................................................................
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If wonder woman got a male sidekick.  he would look like this.  Then we would just want him to DIE!




No Caption Provided


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@StarKiller809 said:

It's because she is an amazon and on Themiscira there are only females. Her orgin makes it really hard for her to have a male sidekick.


I like Wonder Woman solo better anyways.

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sexual tension, a male sidekick will be hitting on Diana none stop

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theyd be too busy gawking at her beauty than fighting the bad guys lol
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@Psychotime: Or bang him.
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Not as a side kick as such but she should have a partner in The Olympian

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