Who thinks Wonder Woman and Superman make a great couple

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Posted by Mr_Zatura (47 posts) 3 years, 2 days ago

Poll: Who thinks Wonder Woman and Superman make a great couple (118 votes)

Yes! 27%
No! 55%
Don't Care 13%
Its a bad choice but it needed to be done 4%

I created account and started this poll because I wanted to here the opinions of other comic fans. Personally I detest the relationship because to me the relationship is basically is "Hey I'm the most powerful woman" and "I'm the most powerful man lets date". But I am open to other opinions please feel free to share them

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#101 Posted by VanTesla (524 posts) - - Show Bio

They have some chemistry going on and some big things they can relate with each other, but the major flaw with such a relationship is that Wonder Woman is not above killing her Enemies or going against Gov't where Superman when written mostly is against killing and mostly will never go against gov't well in the case of the USA.

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#102 Posted by Danieles (124 posts) - - Show Bio

@danieles: or she will tame him considering the way that johns portrays her,that is not her true character.

And whats suppose that must be her true character? She must be a butch female her entire life? that doesnt tells me so much freedom about her, if sh emust be what ya guys commands her to be: Guys, let her to thinks as a woman at the first time of her entire life please: am I the only one that defends her femininity here?

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#103 Posted by gokuwarrior (4399 posts) - - Show Bio

@danieles: i already said that the way that johns portayes her is not her true self.

again,this the the true wonder woman character,comppasionate,kind,powerful and fearless,she has shown to be comppasionate and kind,examples:

in the perez run we can see her fighting decay and she tried to take the fight to a place where nobody could get hurt,in other issue she fought a giant and she took him away to protect the people around,in other issue she is trying to talk to other amazon race trying to solve the problem without having to fight,in other issue she was fighting a super amazon like her and when the other amazon attacked people in a plane wonder woman left the fight to save the people,she also tried to talk with circe and solve the problem without having to fight,and i can also name instances like these in the ruka and simone runs,even in the azzarello run she has shown kindness like in issue 14 when she talked to that ghost girl with understanding and calm her rage,or the way she made orion feel better with himself,sometimes she can be tough when the situation warrants,but she has shown comppasion and kindness many many times in the last 20 years.

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#104 Posted by waezi2 (17043 posts) - - Show Bio

Do I think Spiderman and She Hulk would make a good couple?

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#106 Edited by Mr_Zatura (47 posts) - - Show Bio

@waezi2: Nah She-Hulk and Deadpool is where its at

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