Which MARVEL Hero would you like to see her team up with...other than Thor?

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Posted by herrweis (497 posts) 3 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Which MARVEL Hero would you like to see her team up with...other than Thor? (37 votes)

Namor 14%
Jean Grey 11%
Captain America 24%
Silver Sufer 8%
Hulk 24%
She-Hulk 41%
Black Panther 16%
Hercules 32%
Dr,Strange 8%

I think that a team up with Thor would be a given to be awesome,so I was thinkin a few others would be rad as well.Here are my choices,what do you all think?

Any other suggestions?

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#1 Posted by 4_color_image (250 posts) - - Show Bio

She-Hulk please

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#2 Posted by Press Oblivion (1719 posts) - - Show Bio

I chose the Hulk . . . I would like to hear the Hulk call her Star Butt.

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#3 Posted by TheCannon (20266 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor would of been my choice.

I'll take She-Hulk then.

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#4 Posted by BrianBurris44 (207 posts) - - Show Bio

Emma Frost... what a pair of dynamic duos they both have...

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I would've voted Richard Rider if he was available but since he wasn't I chose Cap.

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#6 Posted by SCORPIO_CASSADINE (1788 posts) - - Show Bio





Emma Frost


Scarlet Witch

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Here's a list of what I think of Wonder Woman Marvel stories

The Adventures of the Marvelous Wonder Woman

1. Namor
The king of Atlantis himself, and probably the bane of of Diana's existence on Earth 616. He's not as much an enemy as he is an annoyance. His constant attempts to win Diana's affection through dominating her is often enough times to send Diana over the edge.
2. Wolverine
When Diana first meets Wolverine her feelings for him are pretty much indifferent, and she sees him as a good ally and friend. Over time she develops some feeling for him, and over time Logan does as well, but events would occur that would keep the two from ever carrying their relationship further.
3. Ms. Marvel
Probably Diana's closest friend on Earth 616. The two would go as far as to share an apartment together.
4. Captain America
Diana and Steve see eye to eye on a lot of things, but the don't always get along. They are good friends and can easily put aside their differences for the good of mankind, but truth be told he reminds her a little too much of a certain "big blue boy scout" back home.
5. Spider-Man
Diana really likes Peter, but as one really likes a friend that can always make them laugh even in their darkest of moments. There are many times that Peter has cheered her up, and the two have a very close friendship. The will go to great lengths to help one another such as from helping to take down Doctor Octopus latest contraption to showing up as Peter's date for a special party.
6. Iron Man
Diana and Tony have probably the strangest relationship of all the other Avengers. They are good friends, but there is a sense of distance between them. His rich playboy attitude reminds her a lot of the "Caped Crusader", minus all the brooding and extra Wayne. Strangely enough though, he has never hit on her once during their entire time working together. Much to Diana's disappointment.
7. Hulk
Diana rarely interacts with Banner, but when she does she sees a man given a gift that he doesn't want, but at the same time she believes that Banner is the best person to be in possession of such a raw force of power. The Hulk itself is indeed a monster to her, and Diana thinks that it is unfortunate for a man like Banner to have to bear that curse.
8. Carnage
Kletus Cassidy is one of Diana's arch-enemies on Earth 616. To Diana the man is pure evil and the symbiote attached to him only makes him that much more nefarious. At one point Carnage managed to take over Diana and used her to attack the people of Earth 616. A lot of damage was done and it scarred Diana so much that she still has nightmares of the symbiote till this day.
9. Hercules
Diana really can't stand him because of the fact that of the woe his Multiverse counterpart brought down upon the Amazons. She admits that he is somewhat different, but she cannot entirely shake her contempt. Luckily though she is often able to put aside differences when the need to work together outweighs what would happen if they did not. Hercules often remarks on how much of her mother she sees in her, despite the fact that Earth 616's Hippolyta is not Diana's mother
10. Artume
Diana's counterpart and Arch-Nemesis on Earth 616. Artume is disgusted by Diana's claim to be a daughter of the Amazon's and Hippolyta, and seeks to destroy her and expose her as a farce. Diana is in turn angered by Artume's disposition often scolding the girl about how her anger is wasted and how she is living her life in vanity when she could be so much greater.
11. She-Hulk
Another one of Diana's close friends on Earth 616. The two women are often see together chit chatting about life or working together on an Avengers Mission. Diana likes her friend, but often comments about how "eccentric" she is.
12. Deadpool
*sigh* The man usually doesn't stay conscious for very long when he's around Diana, which has in turn only made the "Merc with a Mouth" run his mouth even more. It's quite a sad story really.
13. Daredevil
Diana didn't know what to think of Matt Murdock when she first met him other than his choice of cologne was rather strong. He was unique in a sense that he had a way with words and charm unlike any other man she had met. At one point he manages to gain her affection, but there was something about him that was off setting. She couldn't quite place what it was, but it was enough to make her want to keep her distance from him emotionally. They rarely have the opportunity to work together seeing as they are called to work different mission types. Truth be told they really don't want to work together too much, because the longer they are around one another the more awkward things seem to get.
14. Delphyne
Delphyne is the Queen of the Amazons on Earth 616, and though at first she is not quite what Diana expects she comes to respect her rule of the Amazons. Diana sees Delphyne as a true Amazonian Warrior, and decides to operate at her side as a sort of adviser in Amazonian affairs.
15. Sif
Diana met the Lady Sif through Thor, and actually discovered that the two of them had a lot in common. A little too much in common to tell the truth. They are both extremely competitive with one another. A battle against frost giants turns quickly into a game for them, where they begin making bets on who will have the higher kill count. Outside of battle they get along like best friends, and the competition is all in good fun for them, but not so much for others when the two of them get into a drinking contest.
16. Thor
Diana and Thor have a warriors respect for one another, and they are good friends. Thor finds Diana's compitition with his fiance, Sif, amusing just as Diana finds her ability to drink Thor under the table the same. Unlike his friend Hercules, Diana can tolerate Thor a lot easier due to him being more honorable much less oafish that Hercules.
17. Storm
Another member of the X-Men that Diana has had the pleasure of working with is Ororo a.k.a. Storm. Diana finds Storm to be a woman of great honor and impeccable wisdom. Though Diana rarely works with Ororo the time she does spend with her is enjoyable.
18. Namora
Namora is jealous of Diana, due to Namor's attempts to win Diana's affection. She is threatened by Diana that at one point it comes to blows. Namora is a tough foe, but ultimately Diana is able to best her, and remind the Atlantean Princess that she fights for a vain reason. Unfortunately for Diana, her words fall on deaf ears enraging the Atlantean further, and it doesn't help that Diana's ability to best Namora encourages Namor even further.
19. Hippolyta
Diana never knew this universe's Hippolyta, but the story of her demise is relayed to her by Delphyne. Learning quickly that this Hippolyta was nothing like her mother Diana was disgusted and didn't think anymore of the fallen Queen.
20. Amadeus Cho
Delphyne's paramour amuses Diana due to his quirky nature, and his intelligence impresses her. Diana's interaction with Amadeus is minimal though because he works with Delphyne and Hercules on a much more personal level.
21. Athena
22. Amazons
When she first meets the Amazons Diana is enraged and disgusted in the band of sisters who have established themselves as little more than a gang of thugs to her. Diana directly intervenes in the Amazons activities, which at first turns the warrior women race against her, but an encounter with Delphyne quickly changes her perspective, and gives her hope that the Amazons can be something more.
23. Doctor Doom
Perhaps the only man Diana fears in this entire universe. Her first encounter with Viktor Von Doom almost resulted in her demise. Diana only fears him though because she knows what great evil the man is capable of, and if left unchecked she knows little could stop him from achieving his plans.
24. Avengers
25. New Avengers
26. Cyclops
27. X-Men
28. Magneto
29. Hope Summers
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#10 Posted by t3hLomb (58 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain Marvel. They'd be besties lol

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#11 Posted by JohnnyGat (1592 posts) - - Show Bio

Cyclops... or Havok... or anyone with lasers. They'll be in a room full of bad guys the lasers fire at wonder woman's bracelets and boom, extreme rave party.

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#12 Posted by Press Oblivion (1719 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Wonder Man?

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Storm. Valkirie. Carol Danvers. Namor...

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Captain Marvel could be cool!

Hercules I would be funny and awesome

@press_oblivion said:

What about Wonder Man?

That's a really cool idea because Wonder Man is actually a Wonder Woman level hero.

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I chose the Hulk . . . I would like to hear the Hulk call her Star Butt.


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I would like to see her team up with Storm. Both women are leaders and iconic in their own right. Wonder Woman as a woman and Storm as a black woman. Plus it would be interesting to see them using their powers together. Wonder Woman would charge in up close while Storm fights from the back. Classic tank n spank style.

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Thor would HAVE been a given,I was trying to step away from the obvious.

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The New Hyperion.

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#23 Posted by novi_homines (1468 posts) - - Show Bio

Lady Sif

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Namor I want to see the headbutting between those two

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#25 Posted by waezi2 (19114 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain Marvel

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Wonder Man and Wonder Woman would actually be a really good/interesting match in terms of personality and power levels.

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